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Delivery FAQs

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What delivery costs will be charged?

We use different couriers depending on the delivery location and urgency of delivery. We also search for the best possible rates so please call us with your post code and we will get a quote to you ASAP.

We are based by Old Street in central London so we have a range of excellent courier options for all deliveries within London. As a guideline we use DHL for all deliveries outside London, across the UK and for international shipments.

Tablet Rentals take huge pride in our logistic solutions, rates and customer services. Our couriers are highly respected and we work with each individual client to ensure delivery / collection at the most convenient times.

We also use specialist cargo providers for overseas shipments.

What if I need to return the iPad late?
Can I return the iPad early?
How does delivery work?
How quickly can I get an iPad?
What if my iPad order arrives late?
Do I have to insure the iPad in transit back to Tablet Rentals?

What if I need to return the Device or Equipment late?

The first thing is to inform us in advance and then we can agree a revised return date. Unfortunately, you will need to pay a late fee, but please call us so we can discuss options and agree an acceptable solution.

Can I return the Device or Equipment early?

Yes certainly but unfortunately we cannot offer a refund or credit for the unused portion of your hire period.

How does delivery work?

We will ensure you get the iPads at a convenient time in advance of your event.
Occasionally, we may wish to send the iPads early. In this situation, you will not pay an additional charge. If this is the case, we will contact you in advance to confirm whether this is convenient.

How quickly can I get a Device or piece of equipment?

We can provide same day deliveries so please call us if your requirements are urgent: (0207) 683 0232 or email:

What if my Device or Equipment order arrives late?

This is incredibly rare, although no delivery service is 100% perfect.
However, we always recommend planning in advance just so there is a built-in safety margin. It also depends on where and how we are delivering your iPads.

For any deliveries that are going outside the UK, we always recommend to build in at least a day extra for delivery.

Yet, if an iPad does arrive late, you have several options. The first is to go ahead with the hire and return it as scheduled. That means you’ll have had it for a day less than planned, but we’ll make it up to you by refunding you a pro-rata rate.

Another option is to cancel the hire contract; return the iPad directly to us and we’ll refund all your charges. However, please note sometimes there are circumstances beyond our

control where this is not the case (most notably the weather – storms, floods, snow / ice). In this situation we will work hard with you to find a suitable solution.

Of course, if there isn’t another customer waiting for the iPad, you can extend the return date so that you end up with the same period of hire that you’d originally planned.

Basically, if an iPad is late in being delivered to you, let us know immediately. The sooner we know about it, the sooner we can try to work out a solution for you.

Finally, this does not apply if the reason an iPad is delivered late is that there was no-one at the delivery address to receive it on the scheduled day.

We have to judge late deliveries according to when the courier first attempts to deliver the iPads at the delivery correct address.

Basically, if an iPad is late in being delivered to you, let us know immediately. The sooner we know about it, the sooner we can try to work out a solution for you.

Do I have to insure the device / equipment in transit back to Tablet Rentals?

Yes, we certainly recommend you do, as if you are using your own couriers to return the iPads to us, then you are liable for any damage the iPads suffer during transit back to us. If necessary, we can open your returned delivery with your courier to confirm safe receipt.